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Networking is what we love to do. Our success lies in leveraging the strong relationships we have built and continue to build both professionally and personally.

Our Approach


Networking is our passion. Our success is built on the foundation of strong and ongoing relationships we cultivate, both professionally and personally.



We employ a variety of methods to recruit top talent across all industries. This includes direct headhunting, referrals, and active participation in industry events and meetups.


We offer global recruitment services, currently serving clients across North America, the Caribbean, and Hong Kong.


We understand this isn’t a 9-5 gig. To ensure our clients and candidates are well serviced we make ourselves available around the clock.


Success in this business requires more than just mining a database. We are constantly innovating and reinventing our methods to uncover top talent.


We provide personalized 1-on-1 consultations for both our clients and candidates.

Our Mission

To foster enduring global connections between talent and brands. The Sorelle Group cultivates personalized relationships, delivering exceptional service to propel careers and businesses forward.


Your Consultants


Christine Spagnuolo

Senior Consultant

Christine is a seasoned recruitment professional with over a decade of experience in the industry. Her expertise spans various sectors, including startup technology, saas, real estate, construction, apparel, legal, and investment banking. Christine excels in providing her clients with top talent, showcasing her versatility and depth of knowledge as a true generalist.

katelyn 1

Katelyn Spagnuolo


Approaching a decade of experience, Katelyn is a skilled recruiter known for her extensive network and tenacious approach. Her ability to quickly and effectively recruit top talent spans across diverse industries, including real estate, construction, startup tech, marketing and advertising, as well as health and wellness




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